Thursday, 28 February 2013

Digi Challenge #77 - Stripes

I printed a few Melonheadz designs and made them up into cards and then I found this challenge listed on Feline Playful.

This one is coloured with watercolour pencils and backed to a striped paper, Paper Wishes again.  I backed the sentiment onto the same paper, first time I have tried this shape ....... mmmmm.......... don't know.

Lacy Sunshine Challenge No 2

I love the designs on this site ........ I love the attitude of the designers, I think that they are a very friendly, helpful team ........ so there!!

Lavender and Lemon are one of my favourite colour combos so I sent off for the freebie and here is my card.
There are moments in time when I wish that I had a fancy cutting machine to make a really pretty backing ............... but I don't, so I have kept it simple.
I used some metallic pencils to colour this image, another 'find' whilst sorting my colouring mediums. The paper is probably Paper Wishes again, that and the bling are from my stash.
As I printed this image four times on my paper/card, I am off now to do some more colouring.............

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Imagine That Challenge No 1

Such a pretty picture that I just had to join in this challenge!

I used some of my Gel pens to colour the image - don't know how I feel about the result ..........
Backing paper and bling were from my stash - I think that the papers probably come from Paper Wishes.
Used Wordart for the sentiment and backed it all onto a green card - picks up the green in the leaves I thought .....................

BTW...........Go over the Imagine That and pick up this lovely digi.  If you enter challenge one you will then receive the free digi to do challenge two. 


Happy WOYWW day!

You may well ask how come this picture is the right way up...............
I opened it in Paint, rotated it to the left 90 degrees and then uploaded it.  Simples!!!  Gotta get up early to catch me out!

On my desk today are my chalk pencils....... I call them that cos I don't know the correct name. 

 I have been sorting my colouring mediums so I now have lots of pots with pencils etc in and during the course of sorting I found  this box of chalks  - all in a smart plastic, lined box - see through lid and .... and .... a pencil sharpener!!   I remember buying it at a show many years back, I must've had great plans in mind for it as I bought the pack of refills you see on the left.  It is a thickish pen and you press the top and a small grapple comes out and grasps the chalk - Bingo! one chalk pencil.  
The Card is the first colouring I used them on and am quite impressed, three shades of green from one chalk.
Question is now ........... I can remember reading somewhere that an oil or something can be used to blend the chalk and seal it ................ any ideas?

BTW all the information you need to join our WOYWW day can be found on the page above.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Melonheadz Friends Challenge

Here is my entry for Child Related Challenge on Melonheadz Blog.

This little girl and her teddy are bringing good wishes to ...............

I watercolour pencilled the image and used a glue stick to fix it to a diecut shape which I popped onto the red card.  I also popped the white/red sentiment and then added buttons to finish.  The buttons were an afterthought - a long one.  The card did not look complete so I tried bling............ ribbons............... buttons in the top corners.............. but then settled for the buttons placed so.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


What's On my Workdesk?  Well now, let's see .........
If you look closely you will see..........................

... some pages from a Chinese Magazine that I picked up at this Restaurant on Sunday.  I have torn out the astrology pages, vouchers and local news (which has a picture of our soon-to-be Library).  The headings were in English and I thought that these pages would not offend.  

Notice the digi of a pretty little Japanese girl! 

 I decided not to use that one, and have used this digi instead.........

Also on my desk are some digis which I will colour today and enter into a Challenge at Nikki's site
As it is very cold and my craftroom is in the smallest - I kid you not - room in the house ......... this entitles me to have a fan heater on.  Oh! Yes! It does!
That's where you'll find me today.
If you want to view some more........... go visit our Chief WOYWWer - here

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lexi's Creations Challenge 84

Reading through felineplayful I found this challenge  on Lexi's Creations and, as I have just finished my favourite little girl 'Big Shoes' from Mo's Digital Pencil.......

Maybe I should enter it into a CAS challenge as well..............

I coloured the flowers on her hat, her BIG shoes and the flower on her handbag ................ and that cute little heart on her panties!!!
Matted this onto red cardstock on a white card, corner punching all these layers, then popped a sentiment and added a bow.

I just love this little girl so much!

Forever Friends February Monthly Challenge

Saw this challenge listed on Feline Playful  for Forever Friends and thought I would accept:

This Card has a side panel from a piece of wallpaper and my image is from Create with TLC.  I washed the paper with the water from my dish and then painted the bird with pink, building up the colour until I considered it deep enough.  I used a gold gelpen to highlight the crown and then cut and matted it onto dark pink cardstock.
The flowers were punched from this cardstock and put together to form a double petal blossom, rolled my embossing pen round the centre to raise the petals and attached with glue dots. 
The Butterfly is punched from sticky back shiny sheets - sortof peel-off material.............

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Washi Tape and Pokey Things

Woo! Hoo!  I have used the Washi Tape referred to in my previous tape.

I was busy 'sorting' and re-arranging in my craft room when I found a pack of felt tip pens, so what's a girl to do but try them out.
 So I did, I spent a lovely couple of hours colouring ......... lovely couple of hours.
When it came to tidy up time I didn't want to put them away so I left them out and went to do tea.  Whilst discussing the afternoon's work with DH I realised I needed 'something' to store these pens i, and suggested we went to McD's soon so I could get a (clean) coffee cup to hold them.
You know the light bulb feeling?
of course you do!!
As I spoke I realised I could use one of his infamous tins - suffice to say he works on steam engines and needs tins for his paint, oils etc. so we always save tins (and butter tubs).  He just happened to have one I could use, but it needed decorating and what was still on my desk - you got it!  Washi Tape.  There we have it  - unplanned pretty container for pens + one happy lady.

I have also remembered to take a photo of my pokey thing in operation ...........

You will probably have to enlarge the photo to see better, I used my phone camera and forgot to zoom in!

After ignoring the rather large coffee cup ring, you can see my pokey thing with bling attached.
I am placing black beads along the pink ribbon on this card; I dip my pokey thing on the top of a Pritt Stick, give it a bit of a roll so that it picks up a tiny amount of glue.  I can then place it on the back of the bling and transfer it to where I want.
I also use a poky thing for poking my die cut decoupage pieces out, poking out the corners of my Teabag folded tiles, scratching my back............
A pokey thing is a very useful thing to have around!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


As requested, today we lean to the right .........................
It's either pure coincidence or someone on Blogger is having fun.
I  am sharing a specially prepared desk this week - goodies just received.

I am not one for buying goodies as I have spent enough time in 2012 trying to reduce my stash and a certain Charity Crafter benefited, as so she should.  Anyway the last thing I need is some more stash but this company sends me an email when they have new stock in and I am more than a bit partial to their Iris Folding kits, an easy card to make in front of the tv.
So I was tempted.
Then I thought I would have a look round while I was there ............ well, it seemed silly not to.

WASHI TAPE!            I'll have some of that as I really want to try it out.
Pre-cut Matting shapes.               I'll have some of that as I don't have a cutting machine.
QUILTED CARD.              I'll have one of those as I have not seen that before.
FREE bling just for ordering!  I'll definitely have some of that.

So there you go ............... thought I'd share the arrival, they are now unpacked and hopefully they will soon be used........... watch this space............... but if you don't want to then click on the WOYWW tab at the top and go look at someone else's desk.  I don't mind......... take as long as you like ............ I'll just make a few cards ...........

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


First off -  Thank you for all your kind comments left last week.  I am much recovered, not at full strength - whatever that is - and getting about, I have even been out for a walk.
But onto the reason we are gathered here today ................. What's On my Work desk (all is explained on the tab marked WOYWW)

Please now do your morning neck exercise .......... I cannot tilt the picture horizontal.   I have tried and tried and tried ........... I think blogger has decided that the colour should be at the top of the picture.  (I have loads of horizontal copies in several programs but blogger likes it this way up!!)

The ladies are ready to be placed on cards and my new best friends are in sight, namely the bit of plastic and the two strips of metal.
I am trying to make an easel card for one of my swaps, may even find itself entered in a challenge, we shall have to see how it goes.
I cannot cut a straight line, even if I measure it.  I put it down to being left handed using right handed shears - yes! I have tried left handed scissors but they don't cut correct either, the paper is the wrong side!!! (after 50 odd years of using right handed scissors they just don't feel right!).  Then I had a light bulb of those plastic triangle thingys would give me a correct corner - hence one of my new best friends.
I don't have much feeling in the ends of my fingers - figured they are worn out after a lifetime of use!!! The two strips of metal are pokey things ...... I know they look like very old rusted double ended knitting needles but come round here and I'll prove they are excellent pokey things!!!

Enjoy the day!