Friday, 16 June 2017

May Card Swap

Another full month's swaps, lots to think about this month.


I found this card very difficult to create.  I thought it would be easy as it is a kit from a book, several years old but the papers are still new.  The cutting was easy but the folding really had me thinking!!!  I am pleased with the result though. 

Colour - Yellow

This bright yellow card is a sketch card courtesy of Helen.
I like to think that the yellow matts bring all the elements together beautifully.

I received this beautifully stitched card, brighter than the camera shows.
Thank you BarbaraS.

Technique - Tent Fold

Took some thinking through for me but in the end this card, courtesy of Pat fits the bill.  Love the folded fan.

Style - Spring Flowers

I used some patterned very fine paper for the background on this card. It is a very bright yellow IRL set on a pale lemon card.  I wrapped the top right corner with a paler yellow ribbon and then added my image on top.  I used pencils to colour this image, I wonder how it would have looked if I had watercoloured it?   I may have to find this image in my files and see how different it does look when coloured with paints!

Alphabet - Z

I decided that Z would be for Zentangle.... I love to do this but fear that I am not quite proficient enough to show off yet!  
I printed the daisy onto pale lemon paper and then, after drawing in the zentangle, I cut and attached it to a circular card.  I printed out the sentiment onto the same paper, cut it out and attached it to one side of the circle.

Friday, 12 May 2017

You have mail .....

... well, me actually!
I received an email from Creative Stamping on Wednesday to say that I had won a prize .... £50 to spend at Craft Stash.
I went into shock .. I have never won anything in my life!
I read and reread the email ...... then took a trip over to Craft Stash ...... one of my favourite stores..... and placed an order.
I placed everything I fancied into my basket and then whittled it down to £50 worth..... took me about two hours but what a wonderful two hours!
After I hit the checkout button I discovered that if the order went through before 15.00hrs it would be sorted that day .... it was now 15.17hrs..........
I received my prize THIS morning .. how's that for service?!?!
What an exciting three days ..... I am jumping up and down... frequently ....... big smile on my face ......

The prize ......
I chose three dies and four matching stamps plus some sentiment stamps.  
To be honest, I had lots of fancy stuff in my basket and then found the Island Blooms stamp. When I went in for further details, Craft Stash mentioned that the stamp co-ordinates with Sumatra Die so I had a look at that.  In the end I had sorted out three dies with matching stamps, and there's more yet if I decide to have birthday presents ......

Now I have to exercise self control as I have a busy day tomorrow but come Sunday..........

Thursday, 4 May 2017

April Card Swaps

I have entered nearly all the swaps for this month!  the ATC will  appear on my other Blog - ATC Wannabe.


I have had great difficulty getting all these folds to lay flat but I hope I have managed it.  This card is thanks to Angela, love the colours.

I received this super Easel card in great colours.
Thank you Olive.

Colour - Brown

I am so pleased with this card.  I was really stuck for ideas but then I found just the card to CASe.  I have used nearly all my kraft cards now but they are such good quality I shall invest in some more.  Unfortunately Craftwork cards no longer supply this particular card and envelope pack ....
Enough of that ..... I stamped the butterfly in Versafine Brown ink, the sentiment in Dovecraft white and set to dry.  
I pulled out a white gelpen, inktense pencil and watercolour paints.... I thought I would start with the pencil and carry on from there until I had the deepest colour.  Once the stamping was dry, I used the pencil to colour some of the butterfly and also the sentiment.  I added the circles to finish.

 Superb card received, tiny flecks of gold to lift the colour.
Thank you Madge.

Style - Easter

I decided to use some of the stamps that came free with one of my magazines.  I file these stamps but rarely use them - sounds familiar? - so hopefully this will change.
After stamping, I realised the Easter has come and gone (I missed it as PJ was in hospital beforehand) so I left the sentiment 'floating' in the envelope.

A really bright and joyful card.
Thank you ChrisN.

Technique - Torn Paper

It took some time to sort out a card suitable to use as a base!  I managed to find this greatly discoloured page in my French Dictionary but they were just perfect for the small ATC made some time ago.  
I love this card and realise it is not to everyone's taste but it could be used as a man's card.

LOVE this card, what a brilliant concept!
Thank you Olive.

Alphabet - Y for Yellow

This is my second attempt at this card, first time around I didn't notice the white circle in the centre!!!
The shade of the yellow Chrysanths matches the card EXACTLY.  I understand that it is the paper that reflects the light differently when the photo is taken ......
I printed the digital image from TLC Creations - Thank you Paulette - onto thin card and then used my watercolour paints to add the colours.  I attached it straight to the background card - which it matches exactly! -  as I don't think it needs matting.

Super bright and in your face!!! love it.
Thank you Karen.

Monday, 3 April 2017

April Birthday Card

The first April birthday card  is for PJ's younger sister so it needs to be special..... and have a certain dog on it!!!

I chose a cream card with 'frilled' edges as the base and used one of Little Claire Stamps with Versafine Onyx inkpad stamping the design just off centre. 
I had measured the placing by eye as I wanted the design to sit just inside a gold frame.  The frame is a diecut from Mirri card stored in my stash box.  I painted the flowers, dog collar and spots on the dog, leaving the rest of the image clear.  I mounted the frame on 3D foam pads then added another stamp to the right top corner.  This stamp comes in the set and I used the Versafine ink again.  The photo shows the card at a 'funny' angle because of the Mirri card being so shiney, it 's really bright in real life.

Happy Birthday Lyn!

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Sympathy Cards

You know how it is when you know you ought to do something but other things take preference ...... then it catches up with you ....
I just knew I should replace a couple of cards in my stash ......
Saturday says 'Do it NOW!

One to go to a female friend and one to a male neighbour.

I love this decoupage design and use it frequently in various forms.  This time I have decoupaged just the oblongs and put the rose to one side.  I attached the design to a kraft card from my stash and then added some brown velvet ribbon along the lower edge.  
I used this ribbon from my stash because it matched the brown on the image borders and, although appearing dark and hard, is quite soft to the touch.  The tiny flowers were added as a finishing touch.
This card is for my friend who has recently lost her father.

During the course of this week, our neighbour informed us his had lost his sister .....
I wanted to make a 'soft' card this time, but not too floral.  
I tried to keep it simple ....a small bouquet and matching mats.  
The sentiment maybe a bit harsh but it is all I have for the moment.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Mothering Sunday 2017

As my Mother is not alive any more I always make sure that I send my daughters a card for Mothering Sunday.
This year I have made two different ones, why I feel guilty I do not know, I thought it would be a change.  Usually I send the same sentiment but in different colour ways.

I fussy cut some silver/purple flowers from a wallpaper sample and then applied the image over the flowers.

After I had cut the square backing paper for this sentiment, I felt it needed some sort of embellishment so fussy cut a gold butterfly from the left over piece of paper.

They are nothing spectacular as I had planned but I am rather poorly at the moment so have kept the cards very simple.
Can't wait for tomorrow!!!!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Anniversary Card

I have kept several pieces from the wedding of a good friend with the thought that I would make her an anniversary cards using them as embellishments.  Needless to say, came the day, cant' find them anywhere.  I have kept the boxes made to contain the cake but the prices .. not to be found!

I decided to use my new stamps/diecuts and create something totally different.
I saved different pictures of cards from Pinterest but then decided to keep it plain.  I watched several videos on YouTube on how to use the stamps/diecuts for the best results.
After sorting out the card for cutting and the base card I set to work.
Stamped the card and diecut .... then watercolour the images...... several times!
I brushed some blue watercolour across the lavender base card to act as a 'sky' background and put it to dry.
I attached the best diecuts onto the card with 3D foam and then began to make the insert.  I used a lavender 'marble' paper inside and stamped the sentiment across - have a Happy Day!
I think my friend will love this card!!!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

March Swaps

I have joined in three swaps this month, the technique is one of my favourites.

Noobie Swap
I have a pack of these cards, they were bought years ago .... in a sale.  These are known as three fold cards and the flowers are diecut and included in the pack.  I have umm'd and ahhh'd over what to do with them but today ......
I removed the diecut pieces, attached a holographic sheet behind the openings and then folded the card to hide the sheet.  I chalked the pieces and attached them with 3D foam into the spaces.  I stamped the sentiment and attached it to another piece of the holograph paper using 3D foam.  I enjoyed the challenge this card presented and hope my partner likes it.

This was my return swap card.  If I needed to be shown how to use my stamps this card does it.
Thank you Caro.

Technique Swap - Iris Folding

This iris folding uses Japanese Washi paper and is courtesy of Helen circa 2014.  A silver chain & sentiment peel offs complete the card.

This card came with a lovely little note attached .... my partner explained why the card was paper patched instead of Iris Folded.
Bless you MaryC and thank you so much.

Alphabet Swap - X
I really had to do some research on this ........ nah! Not really!  
I have a very comprehensive alphabet listing which I collected when running my own card swapping Group.  
Xantho is the Greek word for yellow.
I searched Google for some images and then found this photo of Cosmos.  The variety is actually called Xanthos and is perfect for this swap.  
I printed the photo three times, and then decoupaged the image.  I made up the banner along the lower edge using Word, fussy cut and attached with 3D foam.  I rolled the ends slightly to give it depth but I'm not sure whether this was needed.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

February Swap

I have entered several swaps this month.  Not just the cards but also the ATC swap as well.

Noobie Swap

I am using a card, courtesy of AnnM  circa 2012, for this swap.  It uses orange peel offs on holographic card.  The holographic sheet is attached to a bright orange card.
The photo does not do it justice because the card is so very shiney, nightmare.

This card is all about die cuts, very cleverly put together.
Thank you Karen and thank you ChrisN for posting this card onto me.

Alphabet Swap - W
I printed out the image from the web, it didn't turn out very well in my opinion, but even after several adjustments, I had to run with it.  I chose a peachy coloured card, with a page from my French Dictionary as the backing sheet.  Once I had decoupaged the waistcoat, and placed it over the text, I realised that it looked very bland.  I attached  a piece of fancy wool lying on my desk to the side of the text page.  Once I placed the decoupage over the text, the card came together a treat.  The image was not perfect!  I used some watercolour pencils to add some details and highlights to the image ..... much better I think!

Colour Swap - Purple

I have had this image of violets in my stash for years.  My Mother loved violets and every Mother's Day I always brought her a small bunch of violets ....... special flowers they are .....
I cut the image square then rounded the corners.  I found a wipe that had been used for mopping up on my desk, it had just the right colours for a background!!!
I cut this to fit on the front of a very pale lavender card, rounding the corners to match the image.
This looked very plain, but I found a purple and white spotted bow in my stash and then realised that there was a purple washi tape on my desk  which just matched the bow!  I wrapped some of the tape round the 'corners' of the image and the bow to the lower edge.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

January Swaps

So off we go with a brand new year ..... a year to try new techniques, new dies and perfect that stamping!!

Back in 2016 I entered several swaps, my cards are completed and ready to post tomorrow.

Noobie Swap
I used an idea courtesy of Helen, using a Mo Manning image coloured with Promarkers.   Matted and tied with string, adding a button before tying in a loose knot.

I received this lovely card created using shaving foam and ink through a stencil.
Thank you Lucie.

Alphabet Swap - V

Another Iris folded card kit from Craftee.  I added the gold peel off in the top righthand corner of the base card.  Inside I used a white paper insert but punched the corners.

Colour Swap - Silver and/or Gold

I played around with several gold embellishments and then settled for ... a gold peel off, gold flowers, gold ribbon and gold sentiment on a gold card!  
I did add an oval of white card .....

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 +1

Good Morning.

It Is Time To Jump Out Of Bed,
Brush Your Teeth,
Eat Your Breakfast And
Get Ready To Grab
All The Opportunities
That Will Come Your Way.

Happy First Good Morning of 2017